The Academy

A Rigorous Academic Program

The Keegan Academy provides a rigorous academic program that allows all students to reach their potential and to develop their individual gifts and talents.

  • Programs support students’ academic, social, and emotional growth.
  • A strong foundation in literacy supports learning in all curricular areas.
  • Parents, teachers, and students collaborate on a regular basis to ensure the curriculum is responsive to student needs and interests.
  • Students work in a safe, stimulating, and motivating environment.
  • Students endeavor to grow as individuals, thinkers, and contributing members of society.

Student-Centered Learning

What distinguishes the Keegan Academy from other learning centers is its commitment to a learner-centered education. In a learner-centered environment, children and not content are the focus of teaching. While we believe in a rigorous academic program, we also believe that children make meaning and construct knowledge as a result of the experiences they encounter. Learning occurs best when children actively initiate and investigate problems arising in their world and solve them themselves because of their own curiosity and motivation. Learning also occurs best in a caring environment with strong interpersonal relationships and interactions and in which the learner feels accepted, valued, appreciated, and validated. The potential for growth lies within each individual, and when each individual can imagine possibilities for his or her life, then the possibilities for society are also expanded. We are committed to this growth.

Parent-Involved Education

Parents are asked to participate in their children’s education by devoting time each week for personalized study. Our parents are strongly encouraged to volunteer in the classroom, not only to help students with their work, but to share their talents with the class. We provide time for special activities to be taught to the students through volunteers. The students have enjoyed learning about art, cooking, hula dancing, sign language, and more, all through the involvement of parents.